Fine Art Statement
Marco Caramello Art Photography
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Who I am:
I’m a photographer taking inspiration from what I see and what I like, even from everyday life. I “Write” and then “Communicate” trough the use of light which becomes the main tool capable of giving character and perspective to any subject. Everything can be highlighted and enhanced as in a portrait.

My Work:
Fine Art collections (Architecture, street photography and more)
Luxury portrait for women and business men
Photographic series of classic and sports cars
Special photo shoots for companies and luxury brands

My Method
I capture the moment evoking various levels of emotions, always respecting the elegance, magnificence and sinuosity of the subject. I work to raise the subject to a higher level ensuring great results, also leaving a unique reminiscence of a memorable experience.
I take advantage of unusual and unconventional points of views, I amplify the positive features of the subject with appropriate techniques not forgetting that the entire work must be lead by artistic instinct and emotions to make it become an artwork.

Some of my best Fine Art limited Artworks are available already on canvas or other supports. Many black & white or color pieces of art are ready to be hanged on your wall. Contct me and I'll be happy to show you all my Artworks and ship it to you.

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