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A new Subject is coming soon!!!!


Still Life Workshop

Since few years I'm an active member of a Photo Club and this allows me to confront myself with people that has been dealing with photography for most of their life.
The personal vision about photography it is always very subjective beside for the fact that all members has a real passion about it.
We meet every week, but once a month there is a photo projection on a specific subject. This can be considered sometimes a personal challenge forcing ourself to practice new styles and new subjects.
For the month of October the official subject is "Nature Morte" that means "Still Life", but it can also be interpreted in a wider way considering any "inanimate subjects".
I have practiced for different days using season fruits, vegetables, objects (new and ancient) and I have ended with some nice results (I did not have particular expectation about it) in colors and even black and white.

The one that I prefer is the following:

6093 Natura morta frutta_1-96DPI piccola


A continuous light source (Halogen Light) on the left side to assure a Caravaggio light with dramatic effect and many under exposed parts.

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