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Marco Caramello Art Photography
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Testimonial Quotes

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    Grande professionista con un talento innato. La cura in ogni dettaglio rende le sue immagini delle vere opere d'arte. Uno dei miei preferiti fotografi per i miei photoshooting di moda
    Alberto Adonai - Fashion Designer
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    Un superbe shooting avec un photographe tout aussi doué que professionnel et agréable. Une belle rencontre et un très bon souvenir ! Merci.
    Elisa - @captain_lupy - @CookissCreation
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    It was really a pleasure to work with Marco, he made great photos of my car. He is a great professionnal and photographer, I recommend. I will make other projects with him with pleasure.
    Timothy Cesa
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    I’ve known Marco Caramello and his beautiful work for a few years! His captures are always elegant and inspiring! Take a look and find out for yourself!
    Karina Mosser - Painter - @mexpresse
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